The Staff Times cloud solution consists of an administration center on the web, also known as the control panel, and a mobile app for your users time recording, also known as the app.

When you created your company account with Staff Times, you received a welcome email to activate your company account and an invitation email for "Joe Sample". The first step is to activate your company account by clicking on the activation link in the email from a computer and logging in for the first time. At the same time, a fictitious test user was pre-installed named Joe Sample with your e-mail ID including some sample data so that you can quickly install the app on your smartphone and gain initial experience in using the app.

Please log in to the control panel and go through the default settings and update these to match your company’s environment. We suggest you try out the  following sections first:

Manage Activities

Check the left-side Menu for Timesheet formats and go to Manage Activities. A default set of common Activity names have been created to get your started. These names will appear on the mobile app for your users. See the illustration.

The Activity names can be configured with three access levels as follows:

  • Company level: access is given to all mobile app users company-wide.
  • Role level: access is given to staff who have been assigned to this role (default role 'Various'). Think about creating roles which you would like to report on like 'Field staff' or 'Back-office'.
  • Group level: access is enabled for staff assigned to this group (default group 'Various'). Think about creating groups for projects and customers to which you would like to allocate Activity names for services provided.
  • To set up and assign your staff to a Role or Group check the left-side menu options for Manage Role and Manage Group. Would you like to allocate your services to specific groups like customers and projects? Would you like you to allocate teams to specific Activity names? then you might consider creating roles.

Manage users

Look for "Joe Sample". To make it easier for you to get started, a fictitious employee has been set up and an invitation mail sent to your email. Go to Manage Users by clicking on the left-side menu and click on "Joe Sample" to check the settings detail for this user. Below illustration show the list view and option to add an employee (see button "Add an employee): 

When you add an employee you are setting up the Terms of Employment for that user. Once you have gone through all screens and saved the employment profile the last step will trigger the invite mail with the personal credentials for your user. 

The app

Open the invite mail from your smartphone's mailbox, download the app and start logging your time on the mobile app. Following is an illustration of the mobile app's Daily Activities input page:

Check your reports for this user. Return to your computer and log in to the control panel to verify your staff's logged hours with the Detail report from View reports. Verify overtime balances and Activities against the mobile app's summary balances. See illustration:

Please find more detail in the Help Center for Setting up your user - Terms of Employment and Setting up Activity names 

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