The master report lists the individual time logs of all employees together with group and role names. The data can be filtered by various criteria and exported as PDF, Excel or CSV file. This report can be used for further analysis as well as to support billing and payroll. This report is located in the menu item 'Master Report' as illustrated below:

Use the various filter options in the top section to evaluate a subset of your data. In addition, different columns can be included or excluded from the detail (see Hide Columns). The content can be exported and used as an interface for further processing in downstream systems.

The report offers the following benefits:

  • Extract time logs / timesheets entered by all employees in one place. 
  • For users in full and part-time tracking mode, the working week is checked for Missing Timesheet, Non-Working day, and Public Holiday. If any of these situations arise a respective record is added to the report for that relevant date.
  • Supports controlling of work items when your employees record services rendered for projects. In the filter bar, please use the filter "Filter by group" to evaluate the project as well as the filter "Filter by activity" to further select your work items.
  • Export the results in PDF or in Excel / CSV format for further processing in downstream systems or directly for the billing of your services, as shown:

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