The following is included in the v1.27 March 1 update:

  • New: Add background image to personalize your app. You can find this new feature under Settings on the Miscellaneous page

  • New: Quickly copy timesheets from the last day. You can find this new feature on the Daily Activites page on empty dates.

The following is included in the v1.26 January 14 iOS/Android update:

  • New leave type; now you can submit for overtime burn with time-off

  • date locales supported

  • time values picker optimized (iOS)

The following is included in the December 23 v1.25 Android update:

  • New in the leaves dialog: short leaves in hours* & an refresh icon for transferring new absence types

  • Fixed minor bugs; retro added public holidays deployed as timesheet

  • Recording of two half-days on the same date is now possible (e.g. half a local holiday and half a day vacation combined)

  • Reduced latency during check-in/check-out action

  • Internal code upgrade; update enables new features.

The following will be included in the iOS Apple update v1.24 from Nov 23rd.:

  • New feature; short leave. The blue button absence option has been enhanced to enable individual hours as an alternative to half-day and full-day absences, e.g. for doctor appointments. This will also be rolled out to Android phones in the next update..

  • Minor bugs reported from V.1.23 have been fixed.

The following was released with iOS update v1.23 on Oct 14th;

  • Bug fix; submitting a single day leave works again

  • Optimization; recording of two half-days on the same date is now possible (e.g. half a regional holiday and half a day vacation on same day)

  • Internal code upgrade; update to enable new features.

The following fixes were released with update v1.20-v1.21 on April 21st:

  • Enables timesheets with negative amounts

  • User profile with splash screen: upload your profile pic now!

  • Fixed behavior for half-day public holidays with leave submission

  • Various minor optimizations

Coming soon:

  • Option to update wallpaper

  • Alert about missing time entries

  • Copy previous day's inputs

The following fixes were released with update v1.19 on Jan 18th:

  • Fixes adverse behavior of check-in button

  • Other minor optimizations

The following fixes were released with update v1.18 on Jan 7th:

  • Fixed occasional syncing error when using the check-in button (green button). When you tap the Check-in button a slight delay occurs to initiate the sync process. We're observing the performance and looking to make this better.

  • iPhone mini models can now use the navigation bar despite the notch.

  • The preset minute rounding is now applied also within the Daily Activities view when adding a new timesheet.

The following fixes were released with update v1.16 on Oct 1:

  • Occasional syncing errors have been reported with the admin center when using the check-in button (green button).

  • iPhone: the occasional endless wait when using the check-in button (green button).

  • Minor optimizations (new Save icon replacing 'X')

The following optimizations were released with update v1.15 on Aug 6:

  • The app is renamed to 'My Time'

  • ​New Feature: add notes thru voice commands!

  • Fixed vacation submission miscalculation for part-time users with half-days

  • Fixed syncing issue with admin center producing misleading reports

The following optimizations were released with update v1.14 on March 18:

  • Ability to record work status. The administrator can now set up appropriate activity names.

  • Change control: enables the tracking of who last updated the timesheet.

  • Fixed incorrect behavior when taking vacation on a half-day public holiday

  • Fixed synchronization problem when deleting time entries

  • Fixed synchronization problem when changing group names

The following were released with update v1.13 on Dec 23, 2020:

  • NOTE: this update requires you to log in again.

  • Workflow optimization: enable better transfer of public holidays and the recording of absences for the following year during the transition period of the annual carry-over.

  • Removal of the vacation bank menu item for users with tracking mode 'Basic'

  • Optimization of various elements for screen format of tablets.

  • Fixed issue with attaching photos to profile and timesheet (Android)

The following items were released with update v1.12 on Nov 24, 2020:

  • Fixed incorrect behavior when locking historical timesheet range.

  • New menu item 'Vacation bank' under the Miscellaneous menu. In addition, redesigned menu item 'Profile and Terms'.

The following items were released with update v1.11 on Oct 8, 2020:

  • Intermittent endless waiting (symbol runs endlessly) has been fixed. Find out more here.

  • Report absence: new date range picker. Find out more here.

  • Various bug fixes; login updates cache, iOS14 compatibility

The following items were released with update v1.10 on June 15, 2020:

  • New: add up to 2 photos (jpg) or PDF files to each timesheet. Find out more here

  • Get a preview of your notes shown on "Daily Activities" page

  • Bug fix: newly created absences are deployed to app with blank name

  • Bug fix: iOS app closes unexpectedly when swiping in select Miscellaneous pages

The following items were released with update v1.09 on April 14, 2020:

  • Weekly balance: Now you can page through the weeks, which allows you to look back on past weeks. Simply tap on the date or use the arrows in the navi bar.

  • The update of an activity name by the administrator, whether as a new record or the deletion of an existing record, requires the pick list to be refreshed. The list is now automatically refreshed when the app is in the background.

  • Format error fixed caused when inserting Favorites for the Detail Report.

  • App now available with Italian locale 

The following topics were handled in update v1.08 of March 12, 2020:

  • Data quality: avoid empty sheets for reporting. Insert a default Activity for new entries.

  • Made version number (ie. v1.08) visible within app displayed on top right of menu 'Miscellaneous'.

  • New message delivery service integrated, so that short messages can be delivered directly to the app user. This delivers important messages directly to user.

  • Activity names in the drop-down picker are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Avoid adverse behavior when changing user (log out / log in). The cache is cleared.

  • The option of rounding the time picker values and activating minute increments (5, 10, 15) via the admin center.

  • App supporting additional languages; Spanish and French implemented. More languages to follow. 

Historic releases:

  • Timesheet/Time log: keep the existing time values if the activity name is updated (v1.07/09-01-20)

  • Apple iOS: enable time picker in dark mode (v1.07/09-01-20)

  • Fix intermittent sync problem when in offline mode (v1.07/09-01-20)

  • Fix intermittent sync problem of updated timesheet with admin center (v1.07/09-01-20)

  • Fixed rare incidents of inconsistencies of logged time on day view vs. weekly view (v1.06/24-09-19)

  • Increased notes section and renamed to designation (v1.06/24-09-19)

  • New alternative time styles (country locale vs dot, industrial decimal vs standard) as per administrator's setting. Please log in again to activate this feature.(v1.06/24-09-19)

  • Enable compatibility for devices with other language & regional locales (v1.061)

  • Fixed crash caused when saving Daily Activities to Favorites (v1.05/Sept 24)

  • Fixed handling of expired trial period (v1.04/Sept 15)

  • Check-in button: adopt newly assigned activity name/swipe down to refresh 

  • Android requirement for 64-bit compatibility (Android)

  • Fixed weekly view flat hours retro-added activity (Android)

  • fixed weekly view balances display bug (v1.03/July 22)

  • handling of adjustments made in other timezones (v1.02/July 11)

  • handling of starting & carry-over balances for new users terms setup (v1.02/July 11)

  • various minor formatting optimized (v1.02/July 11)

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