Towards the end of your financial year, which may be the 31/12 (or 31/3 in other countries), it is necessary to carry over all employee terms & conditions to the new period. As part of this process, for employees with full and part-time tracking mode, the expiring year's vacation bank is closed and an opening balance is carried over to the new year.

Important: to avoid disabling time tracking, we urge your employees to update to version 1.13 before the carry-over is initiated. We refer to our recent mail about workflow optimization with update v1.13. Please urge your users to update immediately. The version number display is located in the app at the top right in the 'Miscellaneous' screen. On request, we can use our tool to identify users who have not updated.

The Carry-over

At end of your financial year starting from 1/1 (or based on your financial year end date parameter) Staff Times will display a button named Carry-Over next to each active staff member as illustrated below. 

Once Carry-over is clicked this will produce a pop-up window showing you the leftover number of vacation days of the expiring year (Leave balance) and the proposed new annual leave for the upcoming year. If you confirm to proceed this will automatically create the new period's starting balance for the new period.

Once the carry-over is completed your staff can submit leaves for the new period through the member app. The new period vacation quota and balances can be viewed in the terms of employment page of the mobile app.

The expiring period is archived during the carry-over transaction and therefore no further adjustments can be made to that period. As a result, no retroactive adjustments can be recorded later, so that such adjustments must be allocated in the new term. We therefore ask you to carefully review the vacation report before initiating the carry-over transaction. This report can be exported (see corresponding icons), see illustration below:

For employees without leaves control, ie. for users set up with tracking mode Basic the carry-over process also applies in order to format a new period for the coming term.

Employees with additional vacation quota

If you have members whose annual leave is above the standard value defined for your company (check setting under menu item 'Default settings'), an adjustment can be made for the relevant amount after the carry-over has been transacted. Go to menu item Manage users, click the user name and navigate to page Terms and add the additional days in section Vacation settings, as shown below:

If the employee is entitled to an additional quota, e.g. based on age, management level or service years, the adjustment in days value can be selected in the element Adjustment leave as displayed above. For example, if an additional 5 days of vacation are granted for an employee (e.g. annual leave of 25 days instead of the standard leave of 20 days), a value of 5.0 days can be selected in the element Adjustment leave. The result will update the element Remaining Balance which equates to total balance within the vacation bank. To save your adjustment, please confirm the following pages (click on the blue button in the lower area).

The Vacation Setting section can be used for further adjustments as required during the reporting year.

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