There may be situations in which an employee's accrued balances need to be adjusted or in which historic time logs need to be corrected. Some situations when this may become necessary:

  1. User forgot to record a working day

  2. User records his time using the wrong activity name

  3. User is entitled to a special hourly bonus

  4. User receives a credit (e.g. bonus hour before public holiday)

  5. User receives monetary compensation for overtime work

  6. User's overtime balance should be reset at the end of the year

To handle these situations you may apply the  following options:

Flat-rate balance adjustment: the administrator may choose to allocate a flat hours value to a specific date in the employee's terms profile in the "Overtime & Adjustments" section, which is then deployed to the member app as an activity named 'Hours adjustment'. 

Update original time log: the administrator may ask the user to go back and adjust the incorrect timesheet. Alternatively, the administrator can log in with the user's login token from his smartphone and make the adjustment on behalf of the employee. The user's login credentials can be found in the "Team Reports" menu by clicking on the user image. Any update made is automatically synchronized to the user's device via the cloud. The member app can be used on multiple mobile devices at the same time. We suggest the administrator maintains a tablet with the member app for updating user logs when necessary.

Flat-rate balance adjustment 

This variant enables an employee to deduct (-) or add (+) a number of working hours from the respective daily balance for a historical period or a future date.

You can find this feature under Manage users if you click on the user name and click through to the second screen entitled 'set terms'. In the section named 'Overtime and adjustments'  you should see a date field with calendar picker as well as an hours picker for the hour adjustment, as shown below:

You will need to provide a comment with your flat hours adjustment which will appear in the designations field of that activity record. It is advisable to use this method if e.g. the employee has missed a working day or incorrectly recorded time logs and should not or cannot correct them himself. This method also enable you to add any flat-rate bonus hours applicable for work performed on public holidays.

This adjustment is added as a time log on the corresponding date, as shown in the Master report below:

Adjustment is deployed to member app

This adjustment appears in the member app as a time log and can be queried by the user on the Day Activities page on the corresponding date, as shown:

Flat-rate hours adjustments are possible for employee profiles with full and part-time tracking mode. Tracking mode 'Basic' does not provide this feature.

Updating original time logs when period is locked

If you are looking to update a timesheet on a historic date that has already been locked, that period can be temporarily unlocked for that user with just a few clicks in the employee terms profile. The administrator can temporarily open up the respective period to give the employee the opportunity to adjust the relevant timesheet. The unlock a date range simply pick a range end date which is older than the date you are wanting to update. You can simply match the range end date with the range start date which will unlock the whole period. See image:

Check out the video

Editing Timesheets from within the admin center

The menu item 'Manage timesheets' enables time logs to be queried by date range. Click the blue 'Edit' button at the far right of the line item which takes you from the report into edit mode where you can update or delete that timesheet as illustrated below:

To edit time values please type the value in 24 hr style with a colon, e.g. for 5pm type 17:00. Please note that a timestamp with a reference to Last edit by Admin will be displayed in the mobile app.

Note: Timesheets of type absence (e.g. vacation, sickness, etc.) can currently only be edited or reset via the mobile app. In this case, the user should open the mobile app 'My Time' and navigate to the screen 'My absences' where it can be deleted.

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