The latest update v1.12 was released on Aug 4 with following improvements:

  • Report Send Options restored (OS11 security compliance)

  • Dropbox API updated. Please check your backup scheduler connection.

  • Repurposing time bank to project budgets for self-employed users. See also FAQ #10.

  • Reports; new pick-list with preset date ranges

Please let us know if we missed any bugs and report these to or chat with us - look for this icon to start the messenger and attach a screenshot of your issue:

We list all reported bugs on this page for your information. Thank you!

Please note that when installing an update an automatic backup is made of your timesheets history and saved in your device's Downloads folder. In the event of any adverse behavior this backup file will let you restore your data. Check that folder and tap on that file or open it with My Worktime App from your email to import and restore your data.

Supporting other languages

This app is available in more languages than we can give support for. For languages of Portugués, Nederlands, Norsk, Dansk, Svenska, Suomi, Polski, Český, Ελληνικά, Türk, Pусский, Українська, 日本人,中文简体文字, 中國傳統文本, 한국어, Català and any other language not found in the language selector at the top of this page we kindly as you to try to communicate with us in English, if you can. We will use Google Translate to help you.

Not to forget

If you like the new features, rate us on Google Play. Your support inspires us to further develop the app! Check us out on Facebook where we post tips and tricks and details about bugs reported.

Recent updates

  • Incorrect calculations in the generated backup file of V1.10 have been fixed (v1.11 from Jan 14, 2022)

  • Timer display optimized (v1.10 from Dec 31)

  • Backup Scheduler now creates backup copies automatically at midnight. See under Settings; the Dropbox variant is chargeable. Local storage is free (v1.10 from Dec 31)

  • Enabling Android 11 compatibility. Take note: the report and backup files when saving to your device is now stored to this predefined path Android/media/ due to tighter security requirements. The customizable directory will be re-enabled in an upcoming update. (v1.09 from Nov 26)

  • Google payments module updated: error when restoring purchased items is fixed (v1.09 from Nov 26).

  • New timer: check the settings to activate timer which will run in the notifications bar of your device (v1.08 from Nov 22)

  • Voice commands: the Notes includes a function (mic icon) to dictate your remarks. (v1.08 from Nov 22)

  • Swiping timesheets: changed direction for backwards paging (v1.08 from Nov 22)

  • Breaktime: resting time flat deduction field relocated from "Set Working days" to "Define Activities". Please activate and fill-in a default break value as needed. (v1.08 from Nov 22)

  • Release notes with chat support: check out this very page where you can chat with us. (v1.08 from Nov 22)

  • Added version number to Help page top right (v1.08 from Nov 22)

  • Help page items enhanced with icons (v1.08 from Nov 22)

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